I only wish I could be as feminist and centered as you

Image by Mark Brodie from Pixabay

Image via Pixabay

Image by S. Hermann Richter via Pixabay


It’s high time this OG high horse hightailed it to greener pastures.

Image by Marc Pascual via Pixabay

I only wish I could be as socially aware, selfless, and politically correct as you

Image by Adina Voicu

Image credit: Omar Medina Films via Pixabay

A fun game for company leaders, entrepreneurs, and heads of the PTA in the making — because it’s never too early to prepare for the “other” real world.

Image from Ernesto Enslava via Pixabay

Rebekah Iliff

Nashville-based writer. Words in Inc, Forbes, Slackjaw, JAW, How Pants Work, LOL Comedy, Weekly Humorist, Points in Case, and countless “thank you” notes.

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